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Rocket.Chat Android 2.1.1 Released


by Rocket.Chat Team

Rocket.Chat Android 2.1.1 Released

Rocket.Chat is proud to announce its Rocket.Chat Android 2.1.1 release with the following features and changes:

New authentication methods

Custom OAuth and GitLab URL authentication are now supported.

Improved attachments

All types of attachment files are now supported (PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, etc) and you can now save image attachments in your gallery when viewing it in fullscreen.

'Real name' mentions are now supported.

Additional features

2.1.1 Bug fixes


Rocket.Chat Android 2.1 requires:

Open source

Just like Rocket.Chat Server, all the code from the SDK and App are open source under the MIT license. Fork them, create new features, squash bugs and submit a pull request to share your work with the community.


This release was made possible by the amazing work of the following contributors. Thank you all for your commitment to Rocket.Chat.

Download and Review

You can download or update the app from the Google Play Store or download the .apk from the GitHub repo.

We’d also really appreciate your reviews on the Google Play Store.

Release changelog

For a full list of features added and bugs fixed, please see the full Rocket.Chat Android 2.1 release changelog on GitHub.

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