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Rocket.Chat 0.66 Released


by Rocket.Chat Team

Rocket.Chat 0.66 Released

Rocket.Chat is pleased to announce its release of Rocket.Chat 0.66 with the following highlighted features and changes:
(Please note: bug fixes implemented by 0.66.1 and 0.66.2 are detailed further below)

Breaking Changes

To prevent information leaks, all REST APIs that return users’ information will have the field services removed. Check if you are using this field for any integration. For more details check out the PR.

New features:

live broadcast start

For full configuration details, check out our YouTube broadcasting docs.

WebDAV file storage

don't ask me again checkbox


new button for closing LiveChat rooms

LiveChat visitor nav history

So, the information about the navigation will be displayed as a message into the LiveChat room, but the visitor will not be notified: message notification



We have been adding some improvements to our performance, the first wave was related to monitoring using Prometheus, reducing the amount of unnecessary websocket connections and reducing the amount of DDP calls for non-logged users.

connection data

reduction of DDP API calls data

Bug fixes

We fixed lots of bugs for this release, including:

Before: livechat status before

After: livechat status after


Minor changes


Bug fixes

Minor changes

Setup Wizard username validation, step progress and optin/optout (#11254)


Bug fixes

Minor change


As ever, we send a heartfelt thank you to all those who contributed to this release, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Core Team


These versions require the following engine versions:

Release changelogs

Download Rocket.Chat 0.66 and install it via a Snap, Docker or from scratch on your server.

For a full list of features added and bugs fixed, please see the full Rocket.Chat 0.66 release changelog, the 0.66.1 release changelog, as well as the the 0.66.2 release changelog on GitHub.

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