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Rocket.Chat 0.69 Released


by Rocket.Chat Team

Rocket.Chat 0.69 Released

Rocket.Chat is pleased to announce its release of Rocket.Chat 0.69 with the following highlighted features and changes!
Additional 0.69.1 items and fixes are listed further down.

0.69 Highlights

Rocket.Chat Marketplace is live!

We’ve been working towards having an internal application platform that allows users to extend Rocket.Chat’s functionalities and facilitate customization. With this release we are now ready to launch the first public iteration of our brand new apps ecosystem and our internal marketplace UI for admins. With Marketplace, you’ll be able to build, browse, and download apps to customize Rocket.Chat More info in our latest blog post!

Rocket.Chat Marketplace Admin

App example Jitsi Slash Command

Beta support for Big Blue Button video conferencing system

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system that we’ve been working to add as an option for video and voice calls. We are now releasing our first beta implementation that makes it possible to configure your own BBB server and start using it from inside rooms. We are working to increase the integration between Rocket.Chat and BBB for the next release so please try it and let us know your thoughts here.

BigBlueButton/Mconf Beta Integration

Personal access tokens for users to create API tokens

This feature is disabled by default and only admins can enable it.

Personal access token for API token creation for admins

Once enabled, users will be able to generate consistent access tokens to be used within the APIs. It’s possible to give them names and remove them when necessary. This kind of token does not expire automatically as the normal tokens does.

These tokens can be used in place of the normal auth tokens received when a user logs in via the API, affording security by allowing users to delete the token which revokes access.

Personal access token successful generation

Personal access tokens account view

Slackbridge: send attachment notifications

There have been many conversations where the other party didn’t realize a screenshot/text file had been uploaded and then the follow up messages had no context. In light of this, we wanted to create notifications to inform users that an attachement had been sent, so now they will see a message that a file was uploaded and can then take action (switch group chat tools) to view it.

Until we have full bi-directional file uploading supported via the SlackBridge, we’ll at least post a message so that one knows it occurred.

UI changes

lighter role tag

bolder unread items

Push notification improvements

We’ve verified a few issues that were preventing some push notifications from being sent:

With both these fixes we expect to have fixed the main causes preventing push notifications from being sent.

Other new features

Smaller Improvements

Bug Fixes

We fixed lots of bugs for this release, including:

For more bug fixes and a full list of minor changes, visit the Rocket.Chat 0.69 release changelog


Bug fixes

Contributors of 0.69 & 0.69.1


As ever, we send a heartfelt thank you to all those who contributed to this release, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Core Team


These versions require the following engine versions:

Release changelogs

For a full list of features added and bugs fixed, please see the full Rocket.Chat 0.69 release changelog and the 0.69.1 release changelog on GitHub.

Download Rocket.Chat 0.69.1 and install it via a Snap, Docker or from scratch on your server.

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