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Rocket.Chat Android 2.6 Released


by Rocket.Chat Team

Rocket.Chat Android 2.6 Released

Rocket.Chat is proud to announce a new release of its native Android application, version 2.6. Highlights include:

Admin Panel

If you have access to the admin panel in the server you’re logged into, you can now access it directly from your Android device by going to the left side panel and opening the “Admin panel” item.
We’re releasing a new version of our core (0.69.2) that fixes some bugs related to the mobile usage on it, so please make sure you’re up to date with that before trying the admin on mobile 🙈.

Admin Panel

Update your avatar

It’s now possible to update your avatar by taking a new photo, choosing a picture from the photo library or even clearing your avatar if you want to.

Update your avatar

Custom Emojis

Now you have access to all your custom emojis directly from the emoji keyboard! You’ll soon be able to also react to a message!

Custom Emojis


This is a long time feature request for our Android app (issue number 26!!!) and was finally accomplished thanks to huge help from @Bubu and @luciofm. Bubu is now working to send the FOSS release to the F-Droid store and soon you’ll be able to install it directly from there. Until then, you can download the APK file and install directly on your device by looking into the assets of our releases.


Thank you all for helping us on this release!

Release changelog

For a full list of features added and bugs fixed, please see the Rocket.Chat Android 2.6 release changelog on GitHub.

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Install the latest release:

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