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Rocket.Chat 0.71 Released


by Isabella Russell

Rocket.Chat 0.71 Released

Rocket.Chat is proud to announce a new release of Rocket.Chat, version 0.71.

Highlights and breaking changes include:

Starred property and lastMessage property now share the same format

The room’s lastMessage property was not being updated when reactions were added to the message. From this release onwards, every time the last message receives a reaction, it will send an update of the room’s object, thus it should not break anything and simply send the room updates more often.

Expiration date added to API login tokens and duplicate login tokens fixed

The session tokens created by an API login were not defining an expiration date that would have allowed users to use the returned token for integrations, bots, etc., without worrying about the token being expired. This change means the API login will now generate a normal session token with an expiration date, and if you need a persistent token it is henceforth possible to define them at My Account > Personal Access Token or via API-specific methods https://rocket.chat/docs/developer-guides/rest-api/users/generatepersonalaccesstoken/ Any token already created via API login will not be changed to carry an expiration date, only the new ones will be affected.

New Features


Bug Fixes

0.71.1 Fixes

Thanks to our Lead Engineer Diego Sampaio for his help on this bug fix.


Thank you all for helping us on this release!

Release changelog

For a full list of features added and bugs fixed, please see the Rocket.Chat 0.71 and 0.71.1 release changelogs on GitHub.

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