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Rocket.Chat iOS 3.2 Released


by Isabella Russell

Rocket.Chat iOS 3.2 Released

Rocket.Chat is proud to announce a new release of its native iOS application, version 3.2, now available on the App Store!

What’s new?

Technical overview of the update

Check out the iOS team’s technical run-through that covers the key elements of the latest release:


The huge dependency that we were using in our app until the last versions has now been deprecated. We were keen to take our time to carry out some research, experiment and carefully rewrite the entire thing. All message components (text, separators, attachments, etc.) have thus been rewritten in a much more modern and reusable way. To do so, we have created an entirely separate library called RocketChatViewController. This library can be reused in other chat applications.

Dynamic Type support on the messages list

We take accessibility very seriously in our app, and not supporting Dynamic Type on the messages list was a significant shortcoming for our application in this respect. From this version onwards, the list will adapt to the configuration on your device in order to present the most appropriate font size for you.

ios 3.2 dynamic type support

New Message Components

We have redesigned most of the components with this version’s rewrite and are now using a bigger font by default, boxes for text attachments and replies, borders on images, and a new component for audio and video messages.

New Composer

ios 3.2 attach

ios 3.2 edit message

ios 3.2 attach video

ios 3.2 reply

ios 3.2 replied


We thought it would be fun to give you some stats that reflect the work we carried out to make this release possible:


Thank you all for helping us on this release!

Release changelog

For a full list of features added and bugs fixed, please see the Rocket.Chat iOS 3.2 release changelog on GitHub.

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Install the latest release:

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