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How German Universities are improving their communication through Rocket.Chat

Case Studies

by Marcus Schopen and Björn Braunschweig

How German Universities are improving their communication through Rocket.Chat


We live in times where scientists’ work and research constantly changes constellations beyond the boundaries of their own university or institution. Therefore, relying on a fast communication tool is a must for academic teams that seek high compliance and privacy of data.

That’s why Bielefeld University and the Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH Göttingen (GWDG) chose Rocket.Chat as their communication platform. After extremely positive feedback from a test phase, in 2017 they included Rocket.Chat as a regular service in the portfolio of both institutions. Since then, it is being offered by them as an additional tool for easy collaboration.

“In times of networked and mobile working, a tool like Rocket.Chat has become indispensable. Rocket.Chat now serves as one of the central communication platforms on the Göttingen Campus and far beyond.”

Björn Braunschweig, system administrator at the GWDG


The main users of the platform are not only the students and the staff of the University of Göttingen and the Max Planck Society but also external partners, such as researchers, who can also register for the service. Within the GWDG, Rocket.Chat is operated in compliance with its IT security guidelines and the GDPR to ensure very high availability.

As Björn Braunschweig reports, lively discussions take place in various channels and in case of disturbances, the cross-location real-time communication has already proven itself several times.

The current usage statistics reflect the great importance of it as a collaboration tool: at peak times, around 600 users are logged in at the same time and together all Rocket.Chat users have written 2,000,000 messages so far.”



The GWDG is a joint institution of the Georg-August-University Göttingen and the Max-Planck-Society and fulfills the function of a computing and IT competence center. At the University of Bielefeld, Rocket.Chat has also become an integral part of university communication for many of the approximately 2,700 employees in administration and science. As in Göttingen, the Bielefeld Rocket.Chat installation is operated in the data center of the Bielefeld IT Service Center BITS.

“As open source software, Rocket.Chat lets us operate an instant messaging service with flexibility and in compliance with our IT security and European data protection regulations. The authentication of users via SAML integrates Rocket.Chat seamlessly into our central Single-Sign-On (SSO). Moreover, the availability of professional support from their vendor was the perfect mix for a stable and secure service.”

Marcus Schopen, initiator of the service at the University of Bielefeld


Since Rocket.Chat was born, four years ago, more than 500 educational projects or institutions around the world subscribed to use or get to know the platform better. In fact, being useful for the academic community keeps pace with Rocket.Chat’s purpose: bring people together and make the world more open and collaborative.

“We are amazed by the fact that Rocket.Chat is gaining a foothold in the scientific community in Germany, helping students and researchers to build an open and collaborative ecosystem. We definitely aim to become the number 1 tool for educational projects with high-value outcomes such as GWDS’s”.

Gabriel Engel, CEO of Rocket.Chat

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