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Alternatives to Zoom: Top Reasons to Use Rocket.Chat For Secure Video Calls


by Lucia Fallavena & Markus Kirsch

Alternatives to Zoom: Top Reasons to Use Rocket.Chat For Secure Video Calls

Seeking high-security alternatives to Zoom? Check out how Rocket.Chat ensures privacy in your video calls

As companies experience the outbreak of COVID-19, you’re likely holding team meetings with Zoom, Skype or similar applications. While Coronavirus made these applications popular, it also exposed serious privacy issues and security problems.

Why tools like Skype or Zoom might be unreliable for video calls?

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Many remote companies trust proprietary-code platforms, such as Skype or Zoom, to communicate online.

Although easily accessible, they do not disclose how they actually function. They often are vague about how they technically handle user privacy and how your data is secured (or often not secured).

By using such applications, you take the risk of:

How to find a safe platform for video calls?

When looking for a private and secured platform for video calls, you should insist on a few details:

Rocket.Chat’s video calls: How do we compare to other tools?


Rocket.Chat is a communication hub that facilitates team collaboration and organizes conversations. It allows its users to choose how they will communicate, either by chat, video conference, audio messaging, file sharing or other omnichannel tools.

In other words: You control your data.

You decide whether to self host your instance on-premises and go with a highly-secure environment - that can even be “air-gapped” in your private network.

If you decide to use Rocket.Chat’s Cloud services to host your server, your data is stored in data centers in the US or Europe (as per your choice).

✔️No surprises about where your data is routed through.

You can run Rocket.Chat virtually on any hardware or private cloud. You control the flow of your data because all data flows through the network that you own. See a list of our supported deployment methods here.

✔️No need to install external apps.

Rocket.Chat can be used via your browser - no plugins required. On mobile phones or tablets, Rocket.Chat is available FREE from Google Play and Apple App Store.

✔️End-to-End encryption of chats

Rocket.Chat has the optional capability to encrypt your chats end-to-end. With this feature enabled, only the participants of a chat can decrypt and read the content of a message.

You can also choose on a channel-by-channel basis to enable the feature, in turn giving you the flexibility to decide about what remains private and what can be visible to other users of the system.

How to use Rocket.Chat to hold private video calls?


Rocket.Chat natively supports two main pluggable video conferencing systems: Jitsi and Big Blue Button. Both come with similar advantages as Rocket.Chat:

Let’s explore these two integrations.

1) Jitsi Integration

Jitsi is an open-source video platform to easily make secure video calls. At the heart of the Jitsi platform is Jitsi Meet, which let you have conferences on the internet. As a safer alternative to Zoom, Jitsi is also encrypted.

This means that the connection between two points - either the participants themselves or the participants and the video bridge of Jitsi is encrypted.

Check out this explainer video on how Jitsi’s end-to-end encryption works:

Since encryption is important for many organizations, how to combine the best of both?

Rocket.Chat can combine the best of both team chat and video call worlds.

You can use Rocket.Chat’s end-to-end encryption feature for a chat and Jitsi’s peer 2 peer or video bridge encryption for your video /audio calls.


By doing so, you guarantee a reliable and robust group video chat, audio chat, and screen sharing experience. For even more control, you can run a private Jitsi server. Read more about Security & Privacy in Jitsi here.

Find here how to enable Jitsi in your Rocket.Chat environment.

2) Big Blue Button Integration

Born as an open-source video system for online learning, Big Blue Button rapidly became a great alternative for companies looking for data-privacy in their enterprise conferences.

This web-conferencing solution goes way beyond sharing screens and holding video calls. It relies on the same safe parameters that Jitsi uses, such as:

To use Big Blue Button within your Rocket.Chat’s environment, we suggest contacting our partner Elos.

As you see, Rocket.Chat is a complete communication solution and a great alternative to Zoom in terms of high-security videoconferences.

+10 million users in 140 countries trust our platform to collaborate remotely.

Try Rocket.Chat

Besides chat and many integrations, you can still count with: audit trail, unlimited history, scalability and more special features

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