Microsoft Teams alternative

On-prem, open-source alternative to MS Teams

We sat down with our customers, community members, and sales reps to understand the main reasons why people choose Rocket.Chat over Microsoft Teams. Here’s what they had to say..

First, we’d like to give a quick nod to the team at MS Teams.

Undeniably, they’ve also built a great product that people love to use. It does what it’s supposed to do and it does it well.

So why companies [.c-red]choose Rocket.Chat Over Microsoft Teams?[.c-red]

In short: Because they are centered more around legal compliance, scalability, and UI customization.

Rocket.Chat offers much more flexibility and security than MS Teams. You can access the source code, access and build integrations, APIs, and more, enabling you to customize the platform to your specific needs.

Furthermore, although Microsoft Teams states they do not use or share your information for any purpose, it is still vulnerable to their security parameters and policies. Rocket.Chat removes that risk.

Here are 4 reasons why companies pick Rocket.Chat over MS Teams

Rocket.Chat offers on-premise hosting 

Microsoft Teams is a SaaS solution, only. For many companies, especially those with a focus on data privacy, security, and ownership, that’s just not an option. Rocket.Chat even allows for air-gapped deployments.

MS Teams is proprietary while Rocket.Chat is an open-source software

Because MS Teams is proprietary software, it limits customization and creates uncertainties about data ownership and integrations beyond the Microsoft world. With full access to the source code, Rocket.Chat offers unlimited customizations, and users’ can influence the roadmap 

Rocket.Chat lets you connect with MS Teams and Slack users

MS Teams lets you message people in other companies, such as vendors, partners, and suppliers - as long as they are also using Microsoft Teams. Rocket.Chat lets you connect across platforms - so you don’t ever have to ask: Are you on Teams?

Not just for Office 365 users

If your organization doesn’t subscribe to Office 365, Microsoft Teams isn’t going to work out. Rocket.Chat works for any organization, regardless of their existing tech stack. 

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Still not convinced? No problem.

Here’s an in-depth feature comparison of Rocket.Chat vs Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams

Open Source

Open-source software

Full access to source code, server APIs, libraries, and influence on the roadmap 




Team collaboration features

Unlimited features in every plan

Teams and channels


Voice, video, and screen sharing

File, image, and link sharing

Unlimited message hihistory

Federation (connect across other platforms)

High availability (deploy in multiple instances to form a cluster)

Read receipt

White labeling

Integrations beyond MS Teams apps

Customer service features

Manual & Auto Chat Routing

Queue Management

Agent office hours configuration

Facebook,  Whatsapp, Twitter Integrations

Email Inbox

SMS & CRM integrations

Analytics and Real-time monitoring dashboards

Chat tagging and forwarding

Data sovereignty

Private network deployment (SaaS or Self-managed)

No third party monitoring

Verifiable data retention policies in every plan

Post incidents reports


End-to-end encryption of all data

ISO 27001 (external audit)

Configurable user settings and policies in every plan

Data loss prevention (DLP)

SSO beyond Office 365 Apps

Multifactor authentication in every plan

ID-only push notifications


Native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux

Words from our customers

“Slack wasn’t a real alternative for us at that time, because it was SaaS. ”

“For data privacy concerns, we needed something that we could host ourselves. Rocket.Chat really speeds up the process of collaborating with our external partners, as well as internally. It allows us to share information really fast, very effectively, and in different ways.”
Stefan Teubner
IT Project Leader, Audi Business Innovation GmbH

“A huge differentiator to win more business…”

“Thanks to Rocket.Chat, we figured out how to win customers without sending engineers on site. The omnichannel feature enables us to provide enterprise-level support…”
Mike Schwartz
CEO & Founder at Gluu

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