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Integrate Rocket.Chat with other Atlassian products


Integrations from Atlassian’s on-premises suite are available for Rocket.Chat’s servers so t you can continue working with your favorite tools in Rocket.Chat.


Atlassian Suite: Jira

Keep planning, tracking, and releasing great software by integrating Rocket.Chat with Jira Software.


Atlassian Suite: Bitbucket

Collaborate, test, and deploy code using Bitbucket in Rocket.Chat.


Atlassian Suite: Confluence

Rocket.Chat integrates with Confluence so teams can share documents and work together more efficiently


Atlassian Suite: Trello

Work on projects together and see ideas come to life with Trello for Rocket.Chat




Free audio and video conferencing, guest access, screen sharing, file sharing, LiveChat, LDAP Group Sync, two-factor authentication (2FA), E2E encryption, SSO, and dozens of OAuth providers.

Also includes unlimited:

uploadFile Uploads
Enterprise Plans


Ensuring that incoming Atlassian customers receive the best migration service possible.

In response to Slack’s acquisition of HipChat and the subsequent loss of an on-premises messaging solution, Rocket.Chat has been working with a variety of Atlassian partners worldwide

ecore logo

Rocket.Chat has chosen to partner with e-core, a leading global Atlassian consulting services and application outsourcing company, to ease the migration of Atlassian HipChat users to Rocket.Chat and ensure they receive the best migration service possible.

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HipChat Migration

Import all of your data from Hipchat today.


There are currently two different HipChat importers: one for HipChat Cloud and another for HipChat Enterprise.

They both work in essentially the same 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the data you wish to export… then export! This will be contained in a zip file.
  2. Download that zip.
  3. Import that data into Rocket.Chat! Please note: to start importing values from HipChat you first need to have an instance of Rocket.Chat running.

For more in-depth instructions that are specific to each type of HipChat Migration, check out our dedicated Docs.

Rocket.Chat is offering a special Migration Bundle for HipChat Data Center users looking to migrate to its platform.

This Migration Bundle includes:

  • Import assistance for HipChat Data Center users (a built-in feature in Rocket.Chat)
  • Discount on Rocket.Chat for early adopters of our Enterprise Bundle offer (includes Enterprise and Tech Support)

Learn more about the Migration Bundle and how it could work for your team as an alternative to HipChat or a move from Slack:


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Besides chat and many integrations, you can still count with: audit trail, unlimited history, scalability and more special features

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