Rocket.Chat SaaS: A Secure Hosted Service

saas security

In recent years, the move from deploying applications on-premise into the cloud has accelerated quickly and changed the whole industry. Today, most services are ready to be used in as short as a few minutes. Rocket.Chat is no different and there is no need to wait any longer: Rocket.Chat as a managed service is ready for […]

How Rocket.Chat collaborates remotely


Rocket.Chat is a communication hub that is ideal for organizations that are looking to facilitate their digital communication and collaborate regardless of location, with high-security standards. We are the perfect tool for async and sync conversations, we not only provide an ecosystem of tools for teams, we also have solutions to keep your communication with external […]

14 Hacks To Keep Run Your Business Through COVID-19 Lockup


Using the right tools, working remotely comes with numerous benefits. It gives employees independence, enables the company to hire talent worldwide, saves time and money with transportation, reduces ecological footprint and can boost team productivity.    In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the majority of organizations are asking their stakeholders to keep digital relations. […]

Covid-19 Facts: what I’ve learned so far and what is our part in it!


This article aims to share personal thoughts and experiences since late January 2020 when I first learned about what was the beginning of a Global challenge, and by doing it I would like to call attention on what we can do in order to prevent further harm to our lives.   So, it all started […]

Testing React Native for Rocket.Chat: a progress report


After years of success with React.js, described by its creators as a “javascript library for building user interfaces”, Facebook released a new framework called React Native in 2015, using the knowledge of its ancestor to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android. Unlike alternative frameworks that build hybrid apps based on webviews, React Native creates […]

Rocket.Chat Android 3.1 Released


Rocket.Chat is proud to announce a new release of its Android native application, version 3.1, now available on Google Play!   Highlights include:   Improved support for attachments with fields and colors; Added support to basic HTTP authentication; Added support to Copy Permalink from a message; Improved file compression on uploading; Updated the application icon […]