How The 3rd Largest Bank in Latin America Increased Its Support Efficiency by 80% With Rocket.Chat


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Largest Bank

The Bank

Employees: ~90k employees

Location: Headquarters located in Brasília, Brazil

Industry: Financial Services

Size: ~$400 Billion in Assets

Mission: Promote Brazil’s sustainable development, generating value for customers and society as a public financial institution and agent of State policies.


The Challenge

Long queues leading to one of the worst ratings for customer satisfaction

In 2016, the financial institution used to have different communication channels to support its 100M+ customers: Skype for video calls, a mobile app, website, phone, to name a few. Having so many complex tools around is more of a hassle than a solution. Here’s why:


  • Their communication became siloed, generating extra tedious work for everyone due to a lack of integration.

  • Phone support was a major budget drain, yet its agents were still limited to deal with only one customer per call.

  • The institution ranked as one of 3 Brazilian banks with the highest numbers of customer complaints lodged. Its customer service was considered one of the worst among financial institutions in Brazil.


The disconnection among internal tools cost them time, money, and customers. For personal identity verification the bank had to use 4 different tools simultaneously, which proved to be a nightmare for customer experience. Cumbersome and repetitive.

The Solution

A new Omnichannel strategy to boost client retention, saving time and money

They needed a new strategy to centralize Whatsapp, the ubiquitous messaging app that almost every mobile phone user in Brazil uses daily, alongside Livechat, and mobile apps messages at the same place. Precisely: they needed an omnichannel strategy to support clients within their favorite channels.


Their new communication platform should be able to:


  • Streamline their communication, allowing external customers and internal employees to communicate on a single platform quickly.

  • Automate Support by using AI-powered tools such as chatbots to unburden and boost its support team’s performance.

  • Reduce costs by replacing phone support with new support tools that enabled its teams to deal with more clients simultaneously.


They consulted their tech partner 4Linux for an open-source platform, and that’s where Rocket.Chat came in. After a successful proof of concept, Rocket.Chat was chosen due to its quick implementation and numerous integrations.

The Results

USD 100M recovered & the 1st bank in Brazil to support via Whatsapp

In the last 9 months in 2019 alone, the financial institution recovered ~100 million dollars by bringing together Whatsapp, Live Chat and other interactions to a single platform through Rocket.Chat’s unified system. The image below illustrates how every single customer interaction is centralized on Rocket.Chat:

omnichannel caixa

They couldn’t be happier with the results:

  • A brand new platform for customer service was built in only 2 weeks, delivering results that Microsoft and Skype repeatedly failed to achieve for months.

  • Rocket.Chat enabled them to downsize its daily tools from four to only one. It increased agents’ performance by 80% by adopting a messaging platform that simultaneously allowed agents to support at least 5 or more customers.

  • They became the first bank in Brazil to offer customer service through Whatsapp, Brazilians’ most used chatting platform, improving the way account 

Nowadays, Rocket.Chat is servicing 7k+ agents seats daily. In total, ticket volume has exceeded 5M/month and 4 different bank products are currently supported.


Their customer service teams became more agile by having a single platform that brought external clients and internal teams together, and their customers are delighted with the simplified, modern, and direct user experience.

Wondering if Rocket.Chat is the right fit for your team?

Lucia Fallavena

Lucia Fallavena


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