Introducing Rocket.Chat 3.4: New Threads, Omnichannel Features & More


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Rocket.Chat 3.4 is up and running!

In this release, we added some great new features to both the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition. We will briefly walk you through the main features in this post. To view the entire list of new features, updates, and bug fixes click here.

Enterprise Edition (EE)


When you have teams distributed across different regions or time-zones, matching the working hours of each group might become a hassle. Now you’ll be able to set up multiple Business Hours configurations, ultimately providing a better customer experience. You can set up the Business Hours system in two ways:


  • Single: This setting manages all Omnichannel agents. This option is suitable when there is only one team of agents.


  • Multiple: This setting allows managers to set up multiple Business Hours configurations. This option is suitable when then Teams of agents are grouped per department.


To enable this feature, just go to Omnichannel Business Hours and set the most suitable period of time and timezone for your company:

2020 07 10 14 48 15 1

The Engagement Dashboard shows the administrator how his team is using Rocket.Chat’s server. Now, you can download engagement data about the usage in terms of users, messages, and channels. Just click in Administration > Engagement Dashboard and click on the left side to download data.

download data

Community Edition (CE)

Chat Experience

Threads inside Rocket.Chat received exciting new improvements regarding usability, UI, and notifications, such as:

  • New design: threads’ view can be expanded, increasing the readability of texts.

  • New notifications system: now users are able to identify the type of mention received; the system uses different colors to differentiate each type of message within a thread.

Screenshot 2020 07 10 at 16.41.56 1


  • Improved the process of opening/closing Office Hours
  • Replaced the old rocketchat_livechat_office_hour collection to a new data structure called rocketchat_livechat_business_hours
  • Renamed the old feature from Office Hours to Business Hours
  • Migrated the old Office Hours configuration to the new data structure


Now it’s possible to configure how many tries are allowed for the same username or from the same IP and how long the login by that username or from that IP will be blocked preventing brute force attacks to your system.

Thanks to this feature, now only SVGs are blocked by default and all the other file types are allowed, it’s still possible to list more files to be blocked or use the White List to define just the ones want to accept.


  • Add new settings to manually configure the Request, Response and Metadata XMLs
  • New setting to configure the identifier format
  • Expands the user fieldset setting with new functionality
  • Adds the possibility of choosing a custom identifier other than name and email






New endpoints included in this new release:

  • groups.setEncrypted (#13477) to change the encryption property of groups
  • integration.update (#13618) to update existent integrations
  • settings.addCustomOAuth to create Custom OAuth services (#14912)
  • custom-user-status.create, custom-user-status.delete and custom-user-status.update to manage User Custom Status (#16550)

Next Steps: How To Update Your Rocket.Chat To Version 3.4?

  • If you host in the cloud: The release happens automatically on our cloud, which means that no further action is required from your side. In addition, as upgrading instances might take a few weeks, feel free to reach out to ask us to upgrade your version for you sooner.

  • If you use the self-managed version: Depending on the installation mode, you might need to update your server manually. It should be easily done by following these instructions.

Wondering if Rocket.Chat is the right fit for your team?


Lucia Fallavena

Lucia Fallavena


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