Rocket.Chat presence in North America | Partnership Program

Learn more about Rocket.Chat’s Partnership program.


Rocket.Chat is the leading open source communication hub, offering everything organizations need to centralize conversations, keep their data private, automate teamwork and offer a high quality customer service. Built in JavaScript, using the Meteor full-stack framework, the tool offers omnichannel customer engagement through LiveChat widget and integrations with Whatsapp, Twilio, Messenger, SMS, Emails, among others. Team collaboration can be improved by chat messaging, video conferences, audio messages, file sharing, threads, discussion groups, direct or group messages, real time translation, audit messaging panel and custom user permissions. DevOps can be accelerated with native integrations offered in Rocket.Chat`s marketplace, real-time LDAP, webhooks and powerful APIs. 

In order to provide excellent service to our global users, we are looking for passionate technical, consultancy, and software customization companies to resell the Rocket.Chat platform to specific industries. This program is aimed at commercial entities who add value to the Rocket.Chat codebase by working with their customers in their own language and/or environments, helping them to deploy and use Rocket.Chat, supporting them in their operation, maintenance and management of physical and human resources, and becoming the reliable intermediary between their customers and the Rocket.Chat team.


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