Remote work: 5 killer ideas to boost your team collaboration today

remote worker in the middle of a meeting

Our relationship with work has been changing very quickly over the past few years. Remote work, which for many people used to be a sporadic benefit, has become a reality. Like we said in another article, in the USA, it is estimated that 33 percent of the American labour force is currently working from home full-time […]

How centralized communication helps your customer retention

Agent talking to customers on an omnichannel platform

Communicating efficiently has been both a challenge and a priority for most companies. Especially in times of covid-19, team collaboration has become a crucial issue for businesses wishing to emerge victorious from these hard times. But how to simplify communication flows between employees while improving customer retention? Certainly shopping behavior has suffered major changes this […]

Rocket.Chat 3.8: new features, improvements and more!

Rocket.Chat 3.8

Another month, another release! To be released soon, Rocket.Chat 3.8 counts on a lot of new features and improvements. So if you don’t like spoilers, don’t keep on reading! We listed our new features and improvements on our upcoming release below.  Make sure you check it out and know what to expect! *To read the […]

Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.12.0: check out what’s new!

what is new mobile

Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.12.0 Release date: November 10th, 2020. You can check the full changelog by clicking here. Compatibility iOS 11+ Android 6+ Rocket.Chat server 0.70.0+ Highlights Channel avatars Now you can customize your channels and set images as channel avatars. New threads support Our mobile version now supports the new thread behaviour, improving user […]

How to improve customer relationship by using an omnichannel platform

”Customer satisfied with omnichannel communication

Strengthening relationships, creating online connections, and improving digital customer relationships have never been this essential. The year 2020 brought many uncertainties, but there is no doubt that efficient online communication helps to maintain good relationships between companies and customers in times like these. In order to have communication flowing, all kinds of companies need mechanisms […]

New release: what’s new on Rocket.Chat 3.7

New Release Rocket.Chat 3.7

New releases: we love it and we know you do too! To better understand what’s new on Rocket.Chat this month, we listed all of our (very exciting) new features and improvements below. You can check the full list of updates here! New Features #18839 “Room avatar changed” system messages Whenever someone changes the avatar of […]

Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.11: New Features & Improvements

what is new mobile

Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.11 will be launched next week with many exciting new features, improvements, bug fixes, and user experience development efforts. Here is an overview of what you can expect 🙂 Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.11 Release Date: October 5, 2020 Compatibility iOS 11+ Android 5+ Rocket.Chat server 0.70.0+ Highlights E2E Encryption You can now […]

What Is Omnichannel? (And Why It Is So Crucial For Businesses)

What is Omnichannel

What does it take for a business to succeed? Regardless of your industry, lowering the cost of customer acquisition, increasing sales and customer retention are probably among your primary business goals. In a perfect scenario, your business interactions seamlessly acquire new customers, retaining current clients while upselling. However, in today’s fast-paced world, the customer journey […]

All aboard! Rocket.Chat 3.6 is here

Rocket.Chat 3.6

The two words that every Rocketeer loves: New Release! In Rocket.Chat 3.6, as usual, we have a lot of exciting new features, improvements and bug fixes to tell you about.  To make sure you don’t miss a thing, we selected the most important features and listed them below. In this month’s release, all of the […]

Top 8: The Most Popular Rocket.Chat Apps

apps marketplace

Everyone loves apps. They can be fun, useful, or simply automate tasks, making life easier. As users might not be aware of the awesome Rocket.Chat apps offered by our growing Marketplace, we’ve decided to create a list of our favorite apps, tested and used by our internal team and community. Check it out! Note: You […]