Causes we support

We offer special rates to people who do good things around the world


Eligible Organizations for Concession

Check our list below to see if your organization could be eligible to receive discounted rates:

Non-Governmental Organizations
  • The organization must not discriminate by gender, race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other kind.
  • Organizations that are not included: private foundations, government offices, legislative or political organizations, organizations that aim to influence public opinion, churches, or other types of religious association.
Educational Institutions
  • Accredited educational institutions.
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.
  • Student organizations, organizations that are directly affiliated with an educational institution, school districts and regional service agencies.
Open-source and developer communities
  • Ability to demonstrate and share with us an open-source project on a public repository with more than 5 contributors on, Github, Bitbucket or another globally accessible website that is live on the usual FOSS dev platforms.
  • Ability to demonstrate that a thriving developers’ community is being fostered, with more than 10 active members, through public meet-ups or a web-based platform e.g. community website.
If you meet at least one of the above requirements and would like to apply for a concession please contact us.