Configuring Keycloak Identity Provider

Create a client in Keycloak.

  1. Provide a client ID: rocket-chat-client
  2. Select the client protocol as openid-connect
  3. Select the client access type as confidential
  4. Standard flow implemented: ON
  5. Valid Redirect URL: http:{Rocket.Chat_server_address}/*

The following image shows the minimal configurations needed to setup Keycloak as an Identity Provider to Rocket.Chat.

Client Configurations

After saving the changes a new credentials tab will be created for the client. This credentials tab will provide the client secrets which will be used when configuring the Rocket.Chat

Configuring Rocket.Chat

Create a Custom Oauth provider

  • Login to Rocket.Chat with an administrator account and navigate to OAuth page.
  • Click the Add custom OAuth button and provide the following configurations

The URL paths provided in the below configurations can be also obtained by navigating to the Realm setting and clicking the endpoints link in the General Tab. While configuring the below settings replace the realm_name with the appropriate realm name. The default realm provided by Keycloak is master.

  1. URL: http://{keycloak_ip_address}:{port}/auth
  2. Token Path: /realms/{realm_name}/protocol/openid-connect/token
  3. Token sent via: Header
  4. Identity Token Sent Via: Same As “Token Sent Via”
  5. Identity Path /realms/{realm_name}/protocol/openid-connect/userinfo
  6. Authorize Path /realms/{realm_name}/protocol/openid-connect/auth
  7. Scope: openid
  8. Param Name for access token: access_token
  9. Id: This is the id of the Rocket.Chat client created in the keycloak rocket-chat-client
  10. Secret: Secret key provided in the credentials tab when creating the Rocket.Chat client
  11. Button Text: Login with Keycloak

Leave the rest of the configurations as default.

Now logout from Rocket.Chat to view the keycloak based login option visible in the login page.

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