Rooms Methods

Url Method Short Description Details Page
/api/v1/rooms.adminRooms GET Retrieve all rooms (requires special permission). Link
/api/v1/rooms.cleanHistory POST Cleans up a room’s history, requires special permission. Link
/api/v1/rooms.createDiscussion POST Creates a new discussion. Link
/api/v1/rooms.favorite POST Favorite/Unfavorite room. Link
/api/v1/rooms.get GET Gets rooms. Link
/api/v1/rooms.getDiscussions GET Gets room’s discussions. Link
/api/v1/rooms.info GET Gets info from a room. Link
/api/v1/rooms.leave POST Leaves a room. Link
/api/v1/rooms.saveNotification POST Sets the notification settings of specific channel. Link
/api/v1/rooms.upload/:rid POST Upload a message with attached file. Link