Mobile & Desktop Apps

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Server & Web Client
for self-hosting

Office chat server for 100s, ready in 30s

On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS shell, issue command:

snap install rocketchat-server

Your server will be up and running at:


For more informtion please visit: uApp Explorer

Snaps are secure. Rocket.Chat and all of its dependencies are isolated from the rest of your system. Snaps also auto update when we release a new version.

Support for snaps is being added to multiple distros. These are some of the current distros that support snap. See for more info

  • ubuntu
  • archlinux
  • debian
  • gentoo
  • fedora
  • suse
  • openembedded
  • yocto project
  • OpenWrt


Past Releases

VersionDateDownloadRelease Notes
0.52.014th February 2017Linux (x64)View
0.51.07th February 2017Linux (x64)View
0.50.124th January 2017Linux (x64)View
0.50.023rd January 2017Linux (x64)View
0.49.420th January 2017Linux (x64)View
0.49.317th January 2017Linux (x64)View
0.49.216th January 2017Linux (x64)View
0.49.113th January 2017Linux (x64)View
0.49.011th January 2017Linux (x64)View
0.48.220th December 2016Linux (x64)View

For a list of all releases, go to GitHub Releases.