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Communication Hub

Control your data, Connect your Ecosystem and Manage your Communications 

from a high security platform. 

Why - Leading Communication Hub

Say hello to a reliable communication.

Security starts with downsizing the number of tools you use to communicate.


Rocket.Chat is an open souce communication hub that provides the crucial features to keep your work centralized in one place: videoconferencing, private groups, public and private channels, direct messages, discussions, threads, and more.  

 Enjoy the benefits of the open source world 

Reduce at least 30% of time spent with emails and time-waster platforms. 


✔️ Omnichannel features for customer engagement

✔️ Team collaboration tools for clear communication

✔️ DevOps and ChatOps for productivity boost

✔️ Data Security and Compliance Friendly features

✔️ Self managed or Rocket.Chat’s SaaS

Rocket.Chat is a Digital Workplace

that improves the workstream collaboration and customer engagement by combining:



Let the customer choose how to contact you with a cross-channel platform

Team Collaboration - Digital Workplace

Team Collaboration

Integrate Rocket.Chat features into popular applications such as Drupal or Pidgin

Bots, DevOps and ChatOps


Personalize your UI by overriding any of the built-in styles


An Universe of Possibilities

Driven by the unmatched strength of innovation from an open source community with thousands of developers worldwide.

With complete access to the source code, you can fully customize, extend or add new functionality to meet your requirements.


Compliant Messaging

Secure Messaging

Self Managed or
Rocket.Chat Saas

Compliant with GDPR, CCPA and with HIPAA, if self-managed installs follow HIPAA policies.


Rocket.Chat enables companies to structure their communication as they wantAir-Gapped installs are not rare with Rocket.Chat. They allow you to keep all network traffic on your private network.

Control on
your hands

Admins can choose all the available tools and features on their workspace, choosing apps from different vendors. 


Create different roles and customize user permissions to connect multiple stakeholders. Use the audit panel for auditors to keep track of compliance requirements. 

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+ 10 million users trust on Rocket.Chat

✔️     The best cost-benefit enterprise communication platform

✔️     Productivity increased by 30% by reducing time with email and multiple platforms

✔️     Team collaboration made easy, for internal or cross company

✔️     Seamless adaptation for all companies, powerful APIs, Ldap, Webhooks and Apps

✔️     Data privacy ensured; GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, you name it

Manipulate the software as you want

Rocket.Chat follows the MIT Licensing guidelines

live chat


Integrate your workspace with numerous communication tools and serve your clients from a unique place. 

Don’t miss new opportunities and keep track of conversations for a better service.


Endless customization

Admins can explore Rocket.Chat’s Marketplace and add new functionalities to the platform or develop new apps and boost their environment with new features. 

Powerful REST and Real-time API’s

LDAP Real Time Sync

 White-Label Allowed


Process Automation

github     atlassian     zapier     gitlab     aws

Improve your development process. Get real time updates through development progress. 


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jira    confluence   bitbucket   trello

Ready to increase your
productivity by 30% ?

Put an end to crowded email inboxes. 

Centralize collaboration at a single place.