One of the most rewarding developments for our team over the past year has been the success of IndieHosters, a company that helps organizations to achieve more freedom and individual security.

We spoke to co-founder Pierre Ozoux about how Rocket.Chat has been instrumental in their mission.

Hosting open source chat as a service

For those new to open source, installing and configuring a service may seem daunting at first.

This is why IndieHosters offers Rocket.Chat as a service, making it simple for organizations to have their own white label version of Rocket.Chat.

IndieHosters helps companies get over the hump of installation, DNS, TLS and managing updates – which are some of the reasons why many companies who would otherwise choose open source end up staying with proprietary software.

Organizations are also free to download their data at any time; this takes back control of organizational information from third-party software providers and returns it to the company itself.

“We believe the world would be a better place if every web app was available as a service,” says Pierre. “You should be able to get that service in a click, and to end that service in a click if you wish to do so.”

Internet freedom and open source

“IndieHosters uses Rocket.Chat both as their primary collaboration tool and to help power the Internet Freedom revolution”

If you want to understand the relationship between open source and internet freedom, Pierre writes a blog on the subject. A key point for Pierre and many others is that Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) is extremely important.

IndieHosters uses Rocket.Chat both as their primary collaboration tool and to help power the Internet Freedom revolution via NuitDebout chat.

“A week after the NuitDebout began we were contacted to see if we would be willing to host a free chat, which was being partly hosted on Slack at the time,” Pierre explains. “We didn’t hesitate. After configuring the DNS, Rocket.Chat was up and running immediately.”

But of course, there’s more to the story! Like many of our contributors, Pierre wanted to contribute to the Rocket.Chat community and helped us create the official Rocket.Chat Docker application.

“It was a unique experience, being welcomed like that into a new community,” Pierre told us later. Now the Rocket.Chat application on Docker has 129 stars and 500k+ downloads — not too shabby!

Rocket.Chat-powered collaboration within IndieHosters

As a leader in FLOSS platforms, Rocket.Chat was the obvious choice for Pierre; IndieHosters uses our platform within their own team and to power the live chat on their website as well as offering it as a service.

“Without question Rocket.Chat is the best”

“As a hoster, I tried various systems in order to find the best one to offer our users. Without question Rocket.Chat is the best. I love the fact that I have all the groups I belong to in one place, and that I can have an OTR discussion—the latter is extremely useful for high-security moments like sharing passwords with users.”

“Best of all, when I have an issue, I can go to GitHub and get it fixed, usually within the week.” It also helps that the documentation is comprehensive, making integrations easy.

Find Out More

To find out how to host Rocket.Chat for your company using IndieHosters, visit their site.