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Installing Apps

Installing Apps

Want to know how to install apps in Rocket.Chat?


WhatsApp Tickets

Unlimited Official WhatsApp solution. The better way to manage the queue of customer calls with a Chatbot on WhatsApp and use it to direct conversations to human support. More than support tickets, it's an intelligent conversational support. Get the solution with us:


Telegram Messenger Omnichannel Integration


Anonymizer will replay every direct message to a given room

Push Channel

Integration between Push platform and Rocket.Chat

Start Push Flow

App to start a Push flow for a contact


Integration between Rocket.Chat and the Dialogflow Chatbot platform

RapidPro Channel

Allows integration of a Rocket.Chat bot as a RapidPro channel

TextIt Channel

Allows integration of a Rocket.Chat bot as a TextIt channel


Converts between many cryptocurrencies using Cryptocompare


Integration between Rocket.Chat and the RASA Chatbot platform.

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