Humanized, scalable enterprise communications through the usage of chatbots and artificial intelligence.

About Weni

Weni is a company based in Brazil that is focused on providing a complete solution for customers looking to effectively scale communications with their audience. The Weni Platform focuses on providing capabilities for a humanized, user-centered approach. We also offer services to assist and continuously support customers looking for continuous evolution of its adoption. We are currently focused on two market segments: enterprise higher-education private institutions and social impact initiatives.

Main expertises

Chatbots and artificial intelligence: responsible for the base of our solutions, our platform allows for the creation of automated but humanized relations with customers. Human escalation techniques: there is always a scenario where an enterprise needs to directly chat in real time with their customers. The Weni Platform is integrated with Rocket.Chat and, with the usage of A.I., can automatically escalate cases in need of urgent attention. Curation: our B.I. and curation team can provide data-driven insights for the continuous improvement on our customer's solutions. F9

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