Find out why one of the most important innovation platforms from LATAM chose Rocket.Chat

Supporting 250 startups from Brazil, Distrito is an innovation platform that helps startups to succeed and support the digital transformation of Enterprises. Their mission is to uplift startups through a Strong Innovation Ecosystem focused on Community, Leap, Venture, and Data Mining. 

In order to bond their ever-growing startup community and manage their team of 140 people, implementing a comprehensive communication tool was not only a necessity but also inevitable. Find out why they chose Rocket.Chat over Slack, and how their experience has been so far.

When Open-Source Becomes Inevitable For Growth

Distrito’s goal was to strengthen its communication with diverse businesses and activities by using a communication hub. Being the 3rd biggest online portal in Brazil for innovation and entrepreneurship, Distrito also has the biggest Brazilian start-up database, with over 15k startups mapped so far. 

With all that said, Distrito needed features like: 

  • Team collaboration: For efficient communication among employees and 250 startups being mentored by them;
  • Omnichannel: In order to automate daily communications and supporting their community; 
  • Engagement Dashboard: Being able to monitor and receive data about the community’s engagement, determine the ROI (return of investment), best hours for creating posts and talking to members, etc.
  • White Label & Customization: A communication platform with a full set of white-label branding features, that were not possible with Slack.

Slack Failed to Deliver Personalization & Scalability

Distrito is a great facilitator for startups and prominent companies, supporting them with investment, funding, and consulting services. In their early days, Slack was compatible with their needs. However, as Distrito grew, the platform failed to deliver customizations, a crucial requirement for them: “Slack didn’t have that open source and customizable aspect”, said Diego.


Having a platform with a scalable pricing structure was also very important for Distrito. “As our goal is to continually grow our network, paying the outrageous prices for Slack was out of the question.“, said Diego. 

That’s where Rocket.Chat came into the picture: an open-source platform that allowed them to scale and grow their community sustainably and flexibly.

How migrating to Rocket.Chat completely transformed Distrito’s ecosystem?

Scalable, customizable and price-efficient

As Distrito migrated to Rocket.Chat, implementing, and customizing the tool was effortless. “Most things can be changed without needing a developer and can be simply understood by only looking at it. That’s been amazing”, said Diego. Thanks to the High Scalability Cluster, a feature included within the Enterprise plan, Distrito is now able to scale their usage of Rocket.Chat with thousands of new members, without compromising their infrastructure capacity. Most importantly: people have been enjoying it as well. 

A Platform To Ensure A Holistic Security Approach

As an ever-growing community, having a holistic security approach was also one of Distrito’s reasons to adopt Rocket.Chat. Crucial resources to data encryption, especially end-to-end encryption for chats, Identity Protection Secure and granular user permissions were a few benefits gained after adopting Rocket.Chat. On top of that, the secure infrastructure provided by the platform allowed Distrito to choose where to host their data: self-management or cloud deployment. 

An Engaged Community Under a Centralized Environment provided everything Distrito used to have with Slack and so much more. Starting with enabling them to customize the platform in endless ways. As you can see below, their interface was completely customized to their brand identity:

Why Distrito Switched from Slack to Rocket.Chat

In 6 months, Distrito turned Rocket.Chat into a vast ecosystem that not only facilitated their communication with their startups but also made it possible to build: 

  • A news aggregator, so users can consume news without leaving Rocket.Chat.
  • A virtual organizer to manage their coworking spaces, enabling people to make room reservations, check if their deliveries had arrived, invite guests to visit, etc.
  • An entire database with articles and content pieces that can be directly downloaded through Rocket.Chat.
  • A mentorship portal that allows people to find qualified mentors to provide advice based on their expertise and industry.

To help boost engagement in their community, Distrito built a strategy around how to use Rocket.Chat and its most important features. It was so successful that a few months later, stakeholders already had a great impression of Rocket.Chat, said Diego. 

Finally, as a piece of critical advice for other innovation hubs looking to build the same innovation space, “having a tool that allows them to engage people and effectively distribute the information is crucial”, said Diego. Rocket.Chat accommodates every customer need, allowing that to happen. It’s effortless, malleable & customizable. 

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