Google Drive

Features such as file transfer to/from Google Drive and creating Google docs, slides and sheets in a room can be made available by enabling Google Drive under Google in the OAuth section in the administration settings and providing the required credentials in the input boxes below.

Activation Steps

Google Drive API and Google Picker API need to be activated for the project. This can be done from Google API Console.

Google Drive API

  1. Visit the Google API Console and create a new project by clicking on the project button in the menubar and selecting NEW PROJECT in the modal that opens. In case of an already existing project, simply open it.

  2. In case of a new project, enter the project details such as name and location and click on CREATE button. This will take you to the dashboard from where we will enable the required APIs.

  3. Click on ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES and select Google Drive API. Click on ENABLE.

  4. Select CREATE CREDENTIALS to generate the required credentials.

  5. Enter the API details and click on What credentials do I need?.

  6. Enter the details for the OAuth 2.0 client ID such as Name, Authorized origins and Authorized redirect URIs. Click on Create OAuth client ID.

  7. Enter the product name for the consent screen that will be displayed while requesting user permission for Rocket.Chat to access Google Drive. Click on Continue followed by Done.

  8. Copy the Client ID and the API key and paste it in the admin settings for Google Drive.

Google Picker API

Google Picker API is needed to generate the GUI to browse through and select Google Drive content.

  1. Navigate to the project in the Google API Console and select Google Picker API.

  2. Click on ENABLE.

  3. Select CREATE CREDENTIALS to generate the Google Picker key.

  4. Copy and paste it in the corresponding admin setting.