The Ultimate Open Source Web Chat Platform

Rocket.Chat is an incredible product because we have an incredible developer community.
Over 200 contributors have made our platform a dynamic and innovative toolkit, from group messages and video calls to helpdesk killer features.
Our contributors are the reason we're the best cross-platform open source chat solution available today.


Access from anywhere: web browser, desktop and mobile applications.

Highly Configurable

Set up your system exactly how you want it. Rebrand as needed.

Open Source

Our code is 100% Open Source under the MIT license. Fork it on GitHub.

Simple but Powerful

Packages are at the core of Rocket.Chat capabilities, offering an impressive array of features
aimed at making your business succeed


InfoWorld Bossie Awards 2016 - Best Open Source Applications
Black Duck Open Source Rookie of the Year for 2015

We're building Relationships



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