[.c-title-2]The easiest, more [.c-red]secure way to connect[.c-red] with your patients[.c-title-2]

Rocket.Chat helps you build trusting relationships with your patients. It is made to provide an exceptional healthcare experience and drive better staff productivity while protecting your patients’ data.

The need for secure healthcare communications


year-over-year increase in healthcare data breaches


of patients feel they cannot easily reach their doctor’s office


of patients expect doctors to send automated text, voice, or email reminders


the total cost of data breaches in healthcare industry in 2020

The only healthcare messaging app you will ever need

Centralize all your healthcare conversations under a single, HIPAA-compliant messaging app. Unlike other messaging solutions, Rocket.Chat makes it possible to connect with patients, colleagues, and vendors via their preferred communications channels.

Keep your patients’ data protected

Freely communicate with your patients without sacrificing their privacy. With Rocket.Chat, healthcare professionals can anonymize and protect any patient data exchanged.

[.c-title-4]Connect with your patients via [.c-red]their[.c-red] favorite channels[.c-title-4]

Excellent patient care starts with excellent service. Connect with your patients through video, voice, SMS, chat, or social media. Ensure timely and relevant communications without asking patients to install a new app.
Thanks to Rocket.Chat, we figured out how to win customers without sending engineers on site. The omnichannel feature enables us to provide enterprise-level support…
Mike Schwartz
CEO & Founder at Gluu

Improve operational efficiency

Help you providers be more productive, automate key touchpoints and securely communicate with external vendors.

"Rocket.Chat helped us double our subscription revenue"

"Rocket.Chat has proved to be a great retention tool for the company. It helped us double our marketplace revenue in 2020 and provide a VIP experience for customers."
Jonathan Liss
Sr. Product Manager at Seeking Alpha

What to look for in a HIPAA compliant messaging app?

Make sure to look for these features when implementing a HIPAA compliant communications platform.
Self-hosted software
Active directory integration
End-to-end encryption
Full patient conversation history
HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance