General information

Our mobile and desktop clients have implemented deeplinking that will allow them to handle links meant for Rocket.Chat.

This is done using a special url that the applications are registered to handle.

There are two prefixes available:

  • https://go.rocket.chat
  • rocketchat://

We call https://go.rocket.chat links go links. Links here will work across web, mobile and desktop clients.

The alternative will only be handled by mobile and desktop clients.

In all examples below https://go.rocket.chat/ is interchangeable with rocketchat://


These links can be used for adding a server to your client in one click. This makes it easier for deployment. You then have a universal link that will add to the clients.

You can also include credentials to make it add the server and auto log them in.

Authentication links start with: https://go.rocket.chat/auth


  • host: The host of the server;
  • token (optional): The token of the user to be authenticated;
  • userId (optional): The id of the user to be authenticated;


Link directly to server:


Link directly to server and authenticate:


Channel / Group / DM

You can also link directly to a room.

These links start with: https://go.rocket.chat/room


  • host: The host of the server;
  • rid: The rid of the room to be opened;
  • path (optional): The path URL to be opened on the web;