Getting Support

Setting up and running a software is not always an easy thing. We get that. That’s why we try to help everybody as good as possible with their instance of Rocket.Chat. And while we do like to help everybody, it just isn’t feasible in any case. That is why we have to limit the support by the core team to some extent.

The following paragraphs will tell you about limits of the support the core team can give as well as where to find the community to help you and how you yourself can contribute by reporting bugs to us on GitHub.

Supported versions of Rocket.Chat

In case of security-relevant bugs we might decide to backport patches to older releases on a case-by-case basis. Please understand though, that those will be rare exceptions. If you want to play it safe, upgrade to latest stable.

Rocket.Chat provides Support for, at least, 3 months for each release. Rocket.Chat provides Support for 6 months to latest releases of each major version, e.g. 1.3 is the latest release of major version 1.x before major version 2.0. Rocket.Chat may provide a longer period of support depending on the necessity, check the table below to verify the final support date of each release version.

By “Support” we mean that Rocket.Chat will provide only security fixes and answer support tickets related to configuration and usage for the versions listed below. Bugs not related to security issues will be fixed only in new versions.

Rocket.Chat only provides support for version 1.x or later.

Release Release Date End of Life Date
Rocket.Chat 1.0 April 2019 July 2019
Rocket.Chat 1.1 May 2019 August 2019
Rocket.Chat 1.2 June 2019 September 2019
Rocket.Chat 1.3 July 2019 January 2020
Rocket.Chat 2.0 August 2019 November 2019
Rocket.Chat 2.1 September 2019 December 2019
Rocket.Chat 2.2 October 2019 January 2020
Rocket.Chat 2.3 November 2019 February 2020
Rocket.Chat 2.4 December 2019 June 2020
Rocket.Chat 3.0 February 2020 TBD

Always update to latest stable version before reporting any bugs or before ask for help from community.

Rocket.Chat Cloud customers

Rocket.Chat manages upgrades and provides support to Rocket.Chat Cloud users regardless of the release version. If a Rocket.Chat Cloud user with an outdated server version sends in a support request, his server might be upgraded to the latest stable version without acknowledgement to ensure best performance.

Rocket.Chat Services

Rocket.Chat Services include services such as our push gateway, marketplace, and other services managed by Rocket.Chat.

October 1st our services will no longer continue to guarantee support for Rocket.Chat 0.x. After this date you may receive errors or warnings about incompatibility.

3 months after a new major release, e.g. 2.x, the last major release, e.g. 1.x, will have the Services support deprecated and you may receive warnings about the deprecation. 5 months after the deprecation the support will be removed and you may receive errors and warnings about incompatibility.

Release Cloud Service Support Deprecation Cloud Service Support End of Life
Rocket.Chat 0.x August 2019 January 2020
Rocket.Chat 1.x November 2019 April 2020
Rocket.Chat 2.x May 2020 October 2020
Rocket.Chat 3.x TBD TBD

Supported versions of MongoDB

Each Rocket.Chat release supports different versions of MongoDB, the table below presents the support of MongoDB versions for each major Rocket.Chat release in addition of the deprecated version that will be removed on next or nexts versions.

Rocket.Chat only adds or removes support of MongoDB versions on major releases so the minor versions are ommited on table below.

Release MongoDB Supported Versions MongoDB Deprecated Version
Rocket.Chat 1.x 3.2, 3.4, 3.6, 4.0 3.2
Rocket.Chat 2.x 3.4, 3.6, 4.0 3.4
Rocket.Chat 3.x 3.4, 3.6, 4.0 3.4

The upgrade guides available from the official MongoDB documentation are listed below. Bare in mind that it’s not possible to skip a version when upgrading, e.g. to upgrade from 3.2 to 3.6 it’s necessary to upgrade from 3.2 to 3.4 first and than to 3.6.

It’s possible to bypass the MongoDB version check by using the environment variable BYPASS_MONGO_VALIDATION=true. Bare in mind that this work around should be used only when extrictly necessary and may prevent some functionalities to work properly or even prevent the server to start.

Supported browser versions

The ecosystem of browsers has been, and still is, an ever evolving field of change. Since the rate of change is tremendous, we also have to limit the support to recent browsers. We’re usually quite good with that but some older browsers just don’t support some features that we build upon. That is why we limit or support for browsers in the following way:

We support the following desktop browsers and versions:

Browser Supported Versions
Google Chrome Latest 3 versions
Mozilla Firefox Latest 3 versions
Apple Safari Latest 2 versions
Microsoft Edge Latest 2 versions
Microsoft Internet Explorer Latest version only

There may be small exceptions in rare cases.

That being said, here’s how you can find out if your browser version is still supported (all lists include an indication if a specific browser version is still supported or not):

Community support

We have a great community that likes to give back.

Some great places to ask your questions:

Our community also often hangs out on our community server.

Some of the channels to get help:

  • #support channel for help with general Rocket.Chat
  • #ubuntu-snap channel for help with snap installs
  • #desktop channel for help with the desktop client
  • #bots channel for help with chatbot scripting
  • #dev channel for developers needing help developing new features

While the de facto language amongst the Rocket.Chat community is english it may be easier for some to discuss their issues in their native language. Have a look at the following channels to see whether there is a user group for your language:

Remember to have a little patience. Support is provided by other members of the community like you in their free time.

Reporting bugs

If you think you have found a bug. Please see Reporting Issues