Rocket.Chat Cloud

You will have a server up and running, professionally managed, without installations, configuration, maintenance and management head-aches. Just go to https://rocket.chat/cloud and get your team up and running in seconds.

For any questions or concerns regarding our cloud offering please contact us at: cloud.support@rocket.chat


How do I contact support?

Send an email to cloud.support@rocket.chat to open a new support ticket.

How do I cancel my trial?

You can cancel your Rocket.Chat workplace directly within the Cloud Console (https://cloud.rocket.chat).

How can I get a data export?

Send an email to cloud.support@rocket.chat with the address of your workspace. Note: The request will take some time to fullfill.

Can I deploy to another region?

Yes, we recently added a European Region. So you can now choose US or EU. If you would like to see a certain region please let us know.