A Complete Digital WorkPlace

  • Bring all your stakeholders;
  • Customize your workplace;
  • Integrate daily tools;
  • Share your screen;
  • Create custom domains;
  • Share your files;
  • Add and remove members;
  • Keep your chat history.
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Video conferencing can be easy and safe

Interact digitally without losing human connection. Choose one of the many video conferencing tools available at Rocket.Chat to hold meetings and collaborate in real time. The ideal platform for organizations that are looking to communicate with multiple stakeholders and integrate their workforce regardless of the current location with high-security standards.

Rocket.Chat supports you as you adapt to new challenges in working remotely. We improve your business communication, productivity and response time of your team.

People chatting through text and video conference in the team collaboration platform Rocket.Chat

Secure messaging for everyone

Simplify your communication and save time and money. Centralize your communication by integrating your tools and channels.

Offer a great service for your clients by keeping your communication in a single platform. Explore our LiveChat to interact with website visitors. Bring all WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, and email messages to one place.

Screen showing how integrations with different apps work within Rocket.Chat

Effortless secure messaging

Chat with your team and protect your data

1 LiveChat 4 E2E Encryption
2 LDAP Group Sync 5 SSO
3 2FA (two-factor authentication) 6 OAuth providers

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Lucia Fallavena

Aaron Ogle, lead cloud architect at Rocket.Chat

Aaron Ogle

Aaron Ogle, lead cloud architect at Rocket.Chat

”Rocket.Chat makes it easy to collaborate with my fellow remote and non-remote teammates. We can have both async and sync conversations. We can bring our information into the chat for chat ops style communication. Rocket.Chat has a busy mode. Works very well. Can enter busy mode and focus on your tasks that require deeper focus. Not to mention can easily enter a video call right from context of conversation if it’s needed”