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WhatsApp Business API Integration for Rocket.Chat in partnership with 360dialog. Available as an app subscription starting at $39 monthly plus $39/month per business number registered via 360dialog. Additional charges based on usage (eg cost per message) follow current 360dialog pricing rules for such fees.

Attention - Governmental Agencies are required to have pre-approval from Facebook before approval of use of WhatsApp numbers via this service. Please contact your Rocket.Chat salesperson or if you have questions.

The WhatsApp App for Omnichannel connects your Rocket.Chat server to a proxy server hosted in our (Rocket.Chat Inc.´s) cloud infrastructure and that proxy sends and receives messages on your behalf via WhatsApp business API. The App just sends and receives messages, User IDs of the involved Rocket.Chat users ("live agents") and the associated room name for each conversation are shared as part of enabling the omnichannel function.

Personal data sent to the proxy is processed, but not stored, by us (Rocket.Chat Inc.) to enable the aforementioned functions. The personal data forwarded from the proxy to WhatsApp is subject to Meta's WhatsApp privacy policy. Personal data received from WhatsApp and forwarded via proxy is stored and processed according to the settings on your Rocket.Chat server.

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