20 things you should be doing with Rocket.Chat

Marcelo Schmidt
September 1, 2016
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Whether you're thinking of introducing your team to Rocket.Chat or you're already a loyal user you might be wondering about all the ways Rocket.Chat can streamline your workflow.

Here are 20 things you should be doing with Rocket.Chat!

Live chat

  • Interacting with your community. Great for software companies, tech companies, academic orgs and open source projects to name a few.
  • Internal company chat, to collaborate on projects and stay engaged with ongoing tasks.
  • Customer support with LiveChat.
  • Public chat channels that can function as dedicated discussion boards or general ask anything forums.
  • Direct messaging between individuals.
  • Private groups for sensitive discussions or particular closed projects.
  • OTR (off the record) chat, extremely useful for high-security moments like password sharing.
  • Notifications wherever you are on desktop or mobile.
  • Conversation documentation, so you can always go back and find important information when you need it.

File sharing

  • Collaborating on project documents when and as team members have time (asynchronous communication).
  • Training materials for employees.
  • Storing all communications for future reference and legal reasons.
  • Keeping documents and communications completely secure within your organization.

Video conferencing and screen sharing

  • Answer a company FAQ internally or for your wider community.
  • Interview with a company VIP to showcase expertise or address a topical issue.
  • Live webcasting of an event.
  • Live demo of something that's difficult to explain via email or chat.
  • Video training for staff on complicated procedures or new processes.
  • New employee onboarding.
  • Town Hall Meeting for your company or your larger community to source feedback and opinions.


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Marcelo is currently a Program Manager, responsible for the IT Systems Management within Rocket.Chat.
Marcelo Schmidt
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