Rocket.Chat in Barcelona

Marcelo Schmidt
December 23, 2016
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Governments around the world are turning to open source software to fulfil their communication, operational and administrative needs.Open source solutions such as Rocket.Chat offer economic savings, transparency of source code and design, a growing global pool of development and consulting talent and can help prevent vendor lock-in.The Institut Municipal d'Informática, a group that manages technology for Barcelona City Council, was looking for a system that would enable their team to collaborate and continue to support the city council.They tried out Slack and liked its real-time chat feature but found they were limited to English-based operations (Slack is currently only available in English). Slack's paid version was also costly to scale across all departments.After trials with other team chats like HipChat and Zulip, the team implemented Rocket.Chat.They chose Rocket.Chat because setting up eight users on a VPS was simple and the team were soon instant messaging and sharing files and links.From the success of the trial, the team scaled their implementation to make it available to other working groups and are looking at how to continue to integrate Rocket.Chat into the corporate application ecosystem.They have 90 users from the City Council using Rocket.Chat daily for their communications and collaboration needs.The Institut Municipal d'Informática is collaborating with the Rocket.Chat team on our open community server to explore how Rocket.Chat could be deployed across all departments within Barcelona City Council.

Marcelo is currently a Program Manager, responsible for the IT Systems Management within Rocket.Chat.
Marcelo Schmidt
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