Manish Kakoti: Extending communications beyond teams with Federation

Sing Li
June 2, 2017
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This series of blogs brings you a little closer to our active student contributors for the Google Summer of Code 2017 summer season. You will see their ongoing work featured throughout our GitHub repositories . Feel free to drop by and say hello, or start collaborating on any of the projects.Manish Kakoti wants to be involved in something that makes a large impact. He believes that open source has given us so much that he is keen to return the sentiment to the community. With the Federation of Rocket.Chat Servers project through Google Summer of Code, Manish is ready to boost his skills for a positive impact on his career for years to come.Manish, from Assam, India, tells us how much he is enjoying his experience at SRM University for the programming culture, good project facilities and freedom to pursue his interests. It was during his second year studying a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering that Manish discovered coding was the career choice for him - he is now about to graduate!Manish has a clear passion for the open source community, the problem solving aspect and learning about how open source works on such a huge scale. He feels the Federation of Rocket.Chat Servers project is for him because it is unique, very challenging and is an exciting "once in a lifetime opportunity for a student like me".The importance and relevance of this project is not lost on Manish. He is excited to be working with some of the best minds in the world to work on this "huge, ground - breaking task". He shares "when I came to know about the particulars of the project, and the necessity, it became more and more exciting".Manish's drive for the satisfaction that comes with problem-solving will certainly enable him to go far in the open source community. We felt his approach to the project and his enthusiasm, alongside the desired technical skills, were invaluable to this project and we're very interested to see how this progresses over the summer!Between playing chess, singing and blogging Manish hopes to grow as a software engineer or programmer. He has shown a great amount of gratitude as he believes this will enhance his career prospects "enormously", hanks, Manish!If you want to follow Manish's progress over the summer, we will be sharing updates on the Rocket.Chat blog, Facebook and Twitter. Or, check out the Google Summer of Code documents section on the Rocket.Chat website.

Sing Li is one of the earliest contributing community members in Rocket.Chat.
Sing Li
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