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Sing Li
December 15, 2017
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Rocket.Chat is proud to be an official Brave verified publisher. Now you can support Rocket.Chat by using the Brave browser.

Brave restores full web privacy

The Brave browser is a revolutionary new browser, brought to you by the cofounder of Mozilla and inventor of JavaScript - Brendan Eich. Brave leverages blockchain technology to restore control over your web surfing privacy.Brave puts web privacy control back in your hands. It can completely block all trackers and eliminate annoying targeted ads from your daily web surfing. Instead, you can choose which website you trust and desire to support via Brave Payments.

Blockchain powered reward system

Through the use of a crypto token named BasicAttentionToken (BAT), you can reward the websites and information providers you visit most frequently, including YouTubers. Rocket.Chat is an official Brave verified publisher and can receive BAT when you visit our servers using the Brave browser and if you choose to support us.

Tested with Rocket.Chat

Brave has been extensively tested and works extremely well with Rocket.Chat. Brave team members are valuable contributing members within the Rocket.Chat community.

Crypto Token Grants

Brave recently gave users BAT grants so they could reward their favorite sites (the promotion is now over), but will do so again in the near future so stay tuned for more!Support Rocket.Chat and use Brave with Rocket.Chat today!


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Sing Li is one of the earliest contributing community members in Rocket.Chat.
Sing Li
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