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Current Openings

Back-End Engineer

At Rocket.Chat, back-end engineers work on all aspects of the build. You will work both independently and as part of a team to develop new features. We are constantly reviewing and improving our platform, so part of your role will include developing and implementing improvements.
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Developer SDKs, APIs, Integrations and Bots

As a Developer with Rocket.Chat, you will be proficient in using SDKs for different languages. Like us, you will regard Rocket.Chat as a software component. You will be confident working closely with front-end and back-end engineers to define and maintain APIs. Your work with APIs will include real-time APIs, auxiliary app APIs beyond basic integrations, REST APIs (such as Slack and Hipchat) as well as extended hubot / bot APIs. Using Zapier and a wide range of integration packages, you will create starter skeleton and sample integrations. We have created the Hubot adapter for Rocket.Chat - developing and improving this will be an important element of your role.
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Front-End Engineer

Solid design and exceptional usability will be the responsibility of our Front-End Engineer. Build offline mode using Web-Workers. Our ideal candidate will be familiar with PWA and web components.
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Growth Hacker

As the Rocket.Chat Growth Hacker, you will be responsible for our website, newsletters and blog. The role will include developing viral tools to our website and demo server. SEO will be an important aspect of the role. You will be comfortable working with statistics and demonstrating measurable growth. You will have a strong background in running social network campaigns.
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Native Android Developer

You will relish the opportunity to build the native Rocket.Chat app. Your role will include automating the build and publishing to stores and also supporting the users and community.
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Native iOS Developer

You will relish the opportunity to build the native Rocket.Chat app. Your role will include automating the build and publishing to the Apple App Store and also supporting the users and community.
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Security Engineer

We are looking for an enthusiastic security engineer with experience finding and fixing security issues. You will define, implement, and monitor security measures in order to protect our SaaS. The successful candidate will be responsible for our App Store security strategy as well as for the apps running in Rocket.Chat. An important aspect of the role will involve developing and implementing a security strategy and enforcement for containerized distributions and conventional deployments. You will relish the opportunity to manage the Rocket.Chat bug bounty program.
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Service Engineer

The successful service engineer will be responsible for Rocket.Chat's white label. You will be confident with initial deployment being your responsibility. You will develop and implement all customizations.
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Software Performance Engineer

As a Software Performance Engineer, your main tasks will be:
  • Create and maintain load tests for our application
  • Create and maintain load tests for application components
  • Integrate our systems to Continuous Improvements and Quality Control Systems
  • Investigate and solve performance bottlenecks
  • Document best practices for high-availability deployments
  • Automate publishing performance results on different pieces of hardware
  • Open-source our performance testing codes
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UX Designer

As a UX Designer for Rocket.Chat, you will be tasked to improve the interface of our platform. You will create wireframes, mockups and clickable deliverables. Showing the transitions and interactions of new features will be an important part of your role. You will work closely with developers to improve flows. You’ll bring your experience of conducting user testing and interpreting the results to the role.
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