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Rocket.Chat is a company built on open source values and a love of efficiency. The company is driven by our amazing community of contributors, with the facilitation of a talented team, who work tirelessly to keep the code to a high standard and make contributors’ lives easier, led by founder Gabriel Engel.

Rocket.Chat was named the top project at Black Duck’s Open Source Rookies of the Year in 2016. We are based in Brazil, but the vast majority of our team work remotely. Our main competitors are products like Slack and HipChat.

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Gabriel Engel

Gabriel Engel

He is the founder of Rocket.Chat. Passionate about collaborations tools, open source and new tech. He is also a co-founder of Konecty, and worked as Product Manager for Business Innovation and Mobile Applications at Vodafone Global Enterprise.

Gabriel, the founder of Rocket.Chat, is keen to speak with members of the press about his experiences and success with the company so far. Gabriel founded Rocket.Chat in 2015.


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