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Rocket.Chat is the leading free and open source team communication platform.

Founded in 2015 by Gabriel Engel, Rocket.Chat began life as a Live Chat support tool built on Meteor. It has come a long way since then, received funding from US-based New Enterprise Associates in 2016 worth $5,000,000 USD and won multiple prizes such as a 2016 Bossie Award for Best Open Source Application and first prize in the 2017 edition of All Things Open’s Startup Competition.
Today, Rocket.Chat is an open source team collaboration platform that enables banks, NGOs, startups, and governmental organizations to have their own chat tool, customize its look and feel, choose their users, and securely manage data.

Users can set up Rocket.Chat on cloud or by hosting their own servers on-premises. Rocket.Chat can be forked on Github and become a new platform altogether, thanks to its code being open source and thus openly available to the community. Key features include free audio and video conferencing, guest access, screen and file sharing, LiveChat, LDAP Group Sync, two-factor authentication (2FA), E2E encryption, SSO, dozens of OAuth providers and unlimited users, guests, channels, messages, searches and files. Customization is enabled with the option of adding or removing features and selecting your own integrations, plugins, themes, mobile and desktop apps.

Rocket.Chat is a fast-growing platform that is now installed on over 180k servers and counts over 10m users worldwide as well as having an active, passionate community of over 700 developer-contributors who help Rocket.Chat’s core team of developers to constantly improve the product. Rocket.Chat’s long-term vision is to replace email with a real-time federated communications platform and offer services to enable businesses to be built using Rocket.Chat.

Our Founder

Gabriel Engel

Gabriel founded Rocket.Chat in 2015 and is passionate about collaboration tools, open source and new tech. Prior to Rocket.Chat, Gabriel co-founded Konecty, and worked as Product Manager for Business Innovation and Mobile Applications at Vodafone Global Enterprise.

Gabriel is always keen to speak with members of the press about his experiences and success with the company thus far.

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