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Rocket.Chat is more than your average company, we are the leading open source team chat community. When you choose Rocket.Chat, you become part of a global community composed of a multicultural core team and millions of users inspired by creating and collaborating.

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Meet our team

Gabriel Engel


Rodrigo Nascimento


Marcelo Schmidt

Program Manager

Diego Sampaio

Lead Back-End Engineer

Patrícia Ferreira

Administrative Coordinator

Sing Li (李聲華)

Chief Opportunities Officer

Bradley Hilton

Marketplace Engineer

Aaron Ogle

Lead Cloud Architect

Júlia Grala

Marketing Manager

Martin Schoeler

Front-End Developer

Guilherme Gazzo

Lead Front-End Engineer

Jonas Friedmann

Technical Support Analyst

Theo Renck

VP of Enterprise Solutions

Diego Mello

Lead Mobile Engineer

Renato Becker

Omnichannel Product Manager


Software Engineer

Leandro Coletti

VP of Sales

Tasso Evangelista Pinto

Front-end Engineer

Lucía Guevgeozian

Cloud Engineer

Alan Sikora

Software Developer

Daniel Townsend

Head of LatAm Accounts

Douglas Gubert

Rocket.Chat Apps Lead


Head of Cybersecurity

Marina Vdovkina

Technical Support Analyst

William Valle

Senior Account Executive

Edu Pereira

Head of Sales North America

Shiqi Mei (梅世祺)

Rocket.Chat Apps Developer

Laura Coutinho

People and Culture

Ivan Netto

UI/UX Designer

José Naranjo

Market Development Representative

Karina Monarkh

Technical Support Analyst

Gabriel Henriques

Front-End Developer

Bruno Solis

Enterprise Sales Emerging Markets

Lúcia Fallavena

Product Marketing Manager

Thassio Victor

Back-End Engineer - Apps Team

Bruno Weiblen

General Manager

Andres Mauro

Technical Support Analyst

Luis Donaldo Zaleta Ornelas

Business Development Representative

Manuela Massochin

Demand Generation Specialist

Bruna Martins

Technical Support Analyst

Christian Carvalho

Business Development Representative

Damian Centrone

Quality Assurance Tester

Faria Masood

Technical Writer

Milton Rucks

Team Collaboration Product Manager

Murtaza Patrawala

Omnichannel Developer

Vitor Pajaro

Revenue Operations Manager

Renata Luppi

Executive Assistant

Douglas Fabris

Front-End Developer

Rafael Ferreira de Araújo

Full Stack Developer

Tiago Evangelista Pinto

Front End Developer

Ishrat Manzoor

Quality Assurance Tester

Rey Alejandro

UX/UI Designer

Gabriel Thomé

Back End Developer

Tiago Paixão

IT Governance Manager

João Felipe Moreira Alves

Data Analyst Junior


Operations Intern


Sales Intern

Josh Curtis

Senior Account Executive - North America


Engineering Intern

Matheus Barbosa

Engineering Intern

Laura Freitas

Sales Intern

Lucas Sartor

Engineering Intern

Murilo Brognara

Senior Account Executive

Gerzon Canario

Junior Mobile Developer

Alan Wright

VP of Operations

B Fontoura

Customer Success Manager

Pavlo Kandyba

Technical Support Analyst

Tatiana Cirio

Head of People

Kevin Aleman

Senior Back End Developer

Jorge Máximo

Sales Operations

Ikenna Chiakwa

Technical Support Analyst

David Ochoa

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Darya Tarasevich

UX/UI Designer

Kaique Silva

Financial Analyst

Cristina Malachias

Sales Strategy and Effectiveness Manager

Débora Coy

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Lucio Delelis

Cloud Engineer

Leonardo Marques

Young Apprentice

Roberto Oliveira

Senior Account Executive

Julio Azzini

Head of Partnerships

Diogo Pinto

Inside Sales Executive

Bruno Cestari

Security Engineer

Mari Pappou

Digital Designer

Paola Palhais

Senior Sales Operations

Bruno Gomes

Sales Enablement and Planing Manager

Gabriela Barbosa

Talent Acquisition

Marcela Lima

Customer Success Manager

Aline Nunes

Scrum Master

Marius N. Neidlinger

Senior Account Executive

G-Su Paek

Pre-sales Solution Architect - North America

Ana Lopes

Personnel Department Consultant

John Crisp

Community Manager


Lead UX/UI Designer

Aaron Altamirano

Federal Senior AE NORAM

Nick Vidal

Event Planning & Management Specialist

Luis Hlatki

Senior Technical Support Analyst

Suely Morales

VP of Finance

Dalliane Sobral

Talent Acquisition Lead


Customer Success Manager

Valeriya Krestina

Account Executive (EMEA) - Expansion


People Business Partner

Joseph Pearce

UX/UI Designer

Ronald Diaz

Lead Generation Specialist

Ricardo Rojas Araya

SaaS Product Manager

Vinicius Marino

Group Product Manager

Reinado Neto

Junior Mobile Developer

Cinthia Trevisoli

Sales Enablement Analyst

Gabriel Casals

Tech Lead

Caio Vaz

Senior Enterprise Account Executive - LAC

Kristina Martic

Head of Demand Generation

Dennis Campos

Lead Generation Specialist

Catarina Mattos

Talent Acquisition

Felipe Menelau

Cloud Engineer

Gustavo Ciciliati

Business Inteligence Analyst

Bruno Bin

VP of Marketing

Ionut Mihart

Pre-sales Solution Architect - EMEA


Lead Generation Specialist

Mauricio Pretto

Head of Sales Acquisition - Emerging Markets - LAC/APAC

Fernando Barbosa

Channel Partner Marketing Manager

Marcelo Moreira

Lead Generation Manager

Juan David Osorio

Lead Generation Specialist