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A quick overview of how the third-largest hosting company in Brazil uses Rocket.Chat to boost its efficiency

Being in business for over 13 years, KingHost is a well-known technology provider for website hosting, email marketing, e-commerce hosting, cloud hosting, and marketing automation.

Acquired in 2019 by Locaweb, the leader in Latin America for hosting services, communication plays an essential role to maintain market leadership. Let’s dive into their challenges and how Rocket.Chat helped the company to improve increase efficiency in 70%.

The Challenge

Increasing communication speed and minimizing inefficiencies with emails

In 2016, KingHost’s team was heavily using emails for internal communications. However, as an ever-growing tech company, they needed to communicate and get feedback on projects quicker. As a solution, they invested in an instant messaging tool based on XMPP protocol.

But to everyone’s surprise, it failed to deliver. The XMPP protocol tool didn’t provide basic features such as group chats. It only allowed one-on-one conversations, making it difficult for larger teams to collaborate. They also spotted bugs that quickly led to the tool’s unpopularity.

Rocket.Chat and KingHost

Before they knew it, everyone was using emails to transmit sensitive data. Their 12 months trying to adopt a new communication tool had gone to waste.

The Solution

70% decrease in email volume, fewer meetings, and quicker interaction

Apart from the rest of the company, the IT team decided to use Rocket.Chat’s Team collaboration to centralize their communication in a single space. Because the platform is encrypted and focused on data privacy, the IT team could rely on a secure infrastructure.

Their time savings and efficiency were so remarkable that they sold the idea to the rest of the company. Teams including Marketing and HR adopted Rocket.Chat as their collaboration & communication platform.

Feedback: How the teams ended up loving Rocket.Chat

Using a new messaging platform worried managers. They were afraid it could be hard to incentivize people to adopt a new tool.In order to experiment Rocket.Chat, the teams replaced their old chatting tool and implemented Rocket.Chat throughout the company to test it.

Rocket.Chat was adopted by nearly 100% of the company, validating the platform as KingHost team’s main chatting tool. KingHost encouraged everyone to create their own discussions at Rocket.Chat, without any constraints. 

They use two major channels to communicate with the whole company: Strategic Decisions and Hosting news.

How Rocket.Chat increased KingHosts Team Collaboration

After all, they reduced by 70% the time spent in discussions through email and other tools centralizing their conversations in Rocket.Chat.

Rocket.Chat’s integrations also made it possible to manage information quickly and efficiently in an organized manner. Webhooks were created to let teams know about important topics.

Even their Quality Management department (QA) gained new ways to be updated about changes quickly. Thanks to the automation created with through our DevOps feature, now Support analysts receive posts and new documentation about QA changes in their very own Rocket.Chat’s platform.

How can your company achieve the same results?

Rocket.Chat has become one of the key players in KingHost’s routine. We provided automation that facilitates their information management, increasing their efficiency by 70%. Our team collaboration feature connects their 280 employees daily, allowing quicker discussions and faster results.

Results like these are only possible if you use a platforms that:

  • Centralize your communication
  • Keep your agents focused on solving problems
  • Improve your team collaboration seamlessly
  • Provide high-privacy standards for your data

Move away from long email threads. Empower your team with the communication hub used by +10 million clients in 140 countries.


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