Hyperledger chooses Rocket.Chat


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Hyperledger, a Linux Foundation Project, is a suite of open source blockchain (decentralized public ledger of securely linked records) tools. It is the fastest growing project ever hosted by the foundation and comprises over one-hundred industry leaders including J.P. Morgan, Accenture, Intel, Samsung and Airbus.

Hyperledger is led by a community of technical open source contributors who develop blockchain and shared ledger POCs, use cases, field trials and deployments. Contributors can participate in the project through mailing lists, remote meetings and discussions hosted on Hyperledger’s Rocket.Chat.

Open Source Communication

Before moving to Rocket.Chat, the Hyperledger community was hosted on Slack, a closed source chat solution, which can be costly for large and fast growing communities. The free version also presented limitations: the number of apps that could be integrated with the platform is capped at ten and only 10,000 messages can be stored.

Hyperledger needed a platform that could be customized and affordably host its thousands of users with the potential to scale. In May 2016, Hyperledger migrated more than 4,000 contributors to Rocket.Chat. Today their community is highly active and contains nearly 9,000 members.

There is now alignment between Hyperledger’s open source model and its use of an open source solution. Several other open source projects including SantimentAragonGolem and Auctus have all migrated their Slack-based communities to Rocket.Chat in recent months.

Empowering Communities

Rocket.Chat features unlimited message storage and is customizable, enabling Blockchain communities to add their own integrated features and create more secure workflows.

The open source community and Hyperledger staff use Rocket.Chat to troubleshoot and learn more about the Hyperledger project. The Rocket.Chat team has a strong presence on the server and a team member is usually available to answer Rocket.Chat-related queries from the community.

Rocket.Chat team member answering queries on a Hyperledger Rocket.Chat channel

How one community can drive the growth of another

Hyperledger’s use of Rocket.Chat is a good example of how one open source community can facilitate the growth of another.

To be part of the Hyperledger community join their Rocket.Chat server.

To get your own Rocket.Chat server in two minutes start a Rocket.Chat Cloud trial or download and install Rocket.Chat on your server.

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    Gabriel Engel

    Gabriel Engel


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