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Installing Apps

Installing Apps

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Social & Fun


Search for GIFs directly inside Rocket.Chat (Powered by


Search for images directly inside Rocket.Chat (Powered by

Darts FRVR

Throw a bullseye and get the high score!


A simple app to create polls on Rocket.Chat. Use the slash command: /poll [Question?]


Search for gifs directly inside Rocket.Chat (Powered by


Mute and Unmute (gag, and ungag) users for a period of time.


Omnichannel Integration between Rocket.Chat and Twitter


Search Amazon, Twitter, DuckDuckGo, Urban Dictionary, and more.


Telegram Messenger Omnichannel Integration

Pinball FRVR

Classic flipper game with a modern twist


Hexagon Puzzle Game

Gold Digger FRVR

Time to explore the mine!


Your wingman to get memes on Rocket.Chat. 🚀. Do a /meme on Rocket.Chat or a :meme: in LiveChat to watch it in action

icanhazdadjoke is one of the largest selections of dad jokes available on the internet. This App allows you to use the /dadJoke slash command to get a random dad joke or even search for one.

Basketball FRVR

Basketball Hoop Shooter

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